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WP4 A4.3 Accelerator Program

The Accelerator Program was implemented during the period from January to June 2021. The Accelerator Program was realized in the line of sequential activities within the OSIRIS project. It followed the Transnational Innovation Program, and it is followed by the Silver Mining Event and the Investment Readiness Program.


The scope of the Accelerator Program was to speed up go to market process of the innovation projects that graduated from Transnational Innovation Program. Accelerator Program was implemented as an extensive 4-weeks program to support the founders of innovation projects through training, mentoring, connecting and networking activities.


Accelerator Program was implemented by Smart Silver Labs (SSL) – networks of innovation actors in silver economy – that are established in six countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia) through the OSIRIS Project.


The Program produced 11 MVPs (minimum viable products) from 5 countries and raised interest from financiers to invest in some of the teams. Participating teams were exposed to international business expertise and connections, and many of them have created strong international networks for their future business development.


The Accelerator Program Report is available here.

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