WP3 A3.4 Designing Smart Silver Framework

The main output of GA 3.4 is the Smart Silver Framework. The aim of the Smart Silver Framework was to create a structure for implementation into the Smart Silver Hub and for use by the Smart Silver Labs. It therefore provides opportunities for collaboration between stakeholders within the Silver Economy. The Smart Silver Framework is a theoretical pilot model for increasing quadruple helix innovation actor’s (target groups) capacity to generate economic growth by using smart specialization approaches.


The Smart Silver Framework consists of a three layer structure with quardruple helix actors in the center and infrastructure focus area as the second layer. The third layer consists of classifications and references. The SSF in each region can be used actively by the Smart Silver Hub in the support of development and innovation regionally and transnationally. The regionally developed SSF underwent usability tests and validation workshops in each region. The testing included online validation workshops in each region and online tests with informants from each group of quadruple helix actors. The final SSF prototype version was created by the activity leader (PP11) after the test and validation process.


The final report of the transnational Smart Silver Framework is available here.