Project Partners

Lead Partner

Häme University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

Project Partners

Riihimäki Business Development Co. (Finland)

Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania)

JSC Iamus Innovations (Lithuania)

Lithuanian Innovation Centre (Lithuania)

Riga Technical University (Latvia)

CONNECT Latvia (Latvia)

Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia)

EnLife OÜ (Estonia)

Center for Assisted Living Technology, Health and Care, Aarhus Municipality (Denmark)

VIA University College (Denmark)

ITMO University (Russia)

Open Joint-Stock Company “Technopark of Saint-Petersburg” (Russia)

Associated Partners

Regional Council of Häme (Finland)

Forssa Business Development Ltd – Finland

Federation of Finnish Enterprises in Häme (Finland)

Upgraded – Health Startup Association of Finland (Finland)

Central Denmark Region (Denmark)

Medtech Innovation Consortium – MTIC (Denmark)

Latvia Ministry of Economy (Latvia)

Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (Lithuania)

The project consortium is made up of partners from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Russia and Finland representing the business, governmental and academic actors of the Triple Helix model for economic growth and regional development. This transnational partnership unites expertise, resources, and knowledge in order to share practices and learning on how to apply the smart specialization approach for exploiting Silver Economy opportunities in the Baltic Sea Region.


This consortium is formed by 13 direct partners and eight associated partners with the aim of having representatives from all three helices in each project region. Among direct partners, six public universities (Häme University of Applied Sciences, Klaipèda State University of Applied Sciences, Riga Technical University, Tallinn University of Technology, VIA University College and ITMO University) represent the academia helix actors; two companies (JSC Iamus Innovations, EnLife OÜ) and three business support organizations (CONNECT Latvia, Lithuanian Innovation Center and Riihimäki Business Development) correspond to business helix actors; one local authority (Center for Assisted Living Technology, Health and Care, Aarhus Municipality) and one public innovation agency (Technopark of Saint-Petersburg) are government helix actors.


The associated partners include four governmental organizations that are coordinating implementation of the smart specialization strategy on the national or regional level: the Regional Council of Häme (Finland), Central Denmark Region (Denmark), Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia and Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (Lithuania). The other four associated partners are business support organizations such as Federation of Finnish Enterprises in Häme (Finland), Forssa Business Development (Finland), Upgraded – Health Start up Association (Finland) and Medtech Innovation Consortium – MTIC (Denmark).