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WP4 A4.4 Communication and dissemination of Work Package 4 actions


GA 4.4 scope was to communicate and disseminate WP4 actions inside project regions and outside project regions, targeting to acquire innovation actors from entire Baltic Sea Region. PP7 coordinated the implementation of communication and dissemination activities and project partners supported diffusion in their regions. Assigned partners elaborated communication kit composed of brochures, leaflets, e-newsletter and webinar. Brochures and leaflets were realized both in printed and digital version.


The joint report consists of reports from six countries about communication activities as well as accompanying communication materials performed in relation with OSIRIS Project activities concerning Smart Silver Labs. Communication activities were designed to:


1) present Smart Silver Lab, its’ objectives, functionality and future plans;
2) present Transnational cluster network of Smart Silver Labs, its’ objectives, operations and
3) disseminate Innovation Program and to communicate Innovation Call for Proposals;
4) disseminate information about Accelerator Program.


Various communication tools were used, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Websites, and at different levels –OSIRIS project official communication channels, OSIRIS Project Partners communication channels, third parties (could be from private persons sharing information on Facebook to government or business organizations sharing through their own newsletters and websites) communication channels.


The Communication Kit of the Smart Silver Labs, Innovation Program, and the Business Accelerator Program is available here.

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