Silver Economy Market Studies

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WP2 A2.1 Market studies in project regions to quantify potential, dimension and supply demand model of silver economy

OSIRIS project partners started their development work with mapping the present situation of Silver Markets in the Baltic sea region. The population of the region is ageing, the changing demographic structure requires new approach in Silver Economy, using smart technology and quadruple helix based product development processes. It is vital to react this phenomenon by developing sustainable and smart products and services to help the society and to provide boost to business opportunities and innovations.


OSIRIS project partners made market studies on Silver Economy. Present business situation and demands of end-users were mapped and made visible in every project member countries.


Download market studies:


Finland [FI] [EN]

Latvia [LV] [EN]

Lithuania [LT] [EN]

Estonia [EE] [EN]

Denmark [DK] [EN]

Russia [EN]


Download the transnational report here.

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