Mapping analysis report – Entrepreneurial discovery process

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WP2 A2.2 Entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP) for market-driven prioritization of investments in silver economy

In the process of building a new Open Innovation Ecosystem to enhance innovation in Silver Economy, the first step is bringing the actors together, get information about the present services and products, specialised to Silver Markets, and map new ideas for possible development directions. In the OSIRIS project, partners from all six countries organised co-creation workshops, using Entrepreneurial Discovery Process method.


The workshops were organised practically using quadruple helix approach; attendees represented municipalities, research institutes, businesses and end-users. During the events some new business ideas have been developed for further use. The workshop provided great possibility to participating actors for networking. These new connections can lead to a functioning open innovation ecosystem in the region, helping service and product development.


The Mapping Analysis Report of these national events can be downloaded here.

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