Workshops: Peer eXchange Learning

 In Event, Russia

WP2 GA 2.3: Organizing Peer eXchange and Learning (PXL) workshops

18th October 2019


Peer eXchange and Learning workshop, St. Petersburg



The PXL workshop was held on the 18th of October by JSC Technopark of St.Petersburg (Ingria Business Incubator). During the session, the audience received information about the OSIRIS project following by two presentations on results and prospects of the National program, which is called «Older Generation», presented by the government officials.


The “Older Generation” program is one of the main governmental programs aimed at supporting senior citizens. Participants discussed strong and weak points of the program and tried to find possible connections with OSIRIS.


Presentations were followed by a discussion about mutually beneficial cooperation between OSIRIS project and government institutes involved in the National program. Prospects and opportunities for collaboration were found; strengths and weaknesses of the program were discussed.