Workshops: Entrepreneurial Discovery Process

 In Event, Latvia

WP2 GA2.2: Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP) for market-driven prioritization of investments in silver economy

13th & 15th August 2019


In Latvia OSIRIS partners organised two workshops on the present situation and the future possibilities in Silver Economy.



1st Entrepreneurial Discovery Process workshop on Silver Economy, Daugavpils




The first event was held in Daugavpils on the 13th of August 2019. During the first part of the event participants learned about the Silver Economy itself, it’s rapidly growing global importance and the local ways to support it’s development. The needs of target group were presented as well, their opportunities and interests in Silver Economy development. Challenges of longer working life were discussed as well.


The second part of the event was focused on science and business researches. Participants heard about senior employment opportunities, researches on ageing population, investment climate in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, involvement of seniors in energy management and social housing. The needs of the seniors and the business opportunities were compared to each other.


The third part of the event was for workshop. Participants discussed about three questions: 1) Adapting the labor market to the seniors’ economy through ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and other opportunities, 2) Lifelong learning – for senior needs and 3) How do Latvian entrepreneurs respond to the growing importance of the senior economy?



2nd Entrepreneurial Discovery Process workshop on Silver Economy, Riga



The second event was in Riga on the 15th of August 2019. This was a three part event also. The first part was about general presentation of Silver Economy, OSIRIS project, implementation of Latvian development priorities with focus on the growing importance of Silver Economy, the role of seniors in business development, and the local possibilities to support Silver Economy development.


The second part focused on the challenges of long working life, Smart technology opportunities in Silver Economy and entrepreneurs views on seniors as focus group.


The third part of the event was for workshop about the following questions: 1) What is necessary and can actually be done to maintain health and work capacity for much longer than before? 2) Comparison of senior needs change / growth and business development potential, market potential assessment; end users, their capabilities; market size and potential; internationalization opportunities; business models; potential value chains; growth opportunities, etc. 3) Adaptation of the labor market to the senior economy.