Peer Review seminars: RIS3 implementation

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WP 2 GA2.4: Peer Rewiev Seminars: RIS3 Implementation

20th September, 13th & 27th November 2019


Transnational Peer Review Seminar I:

Implementation of the Regional Research & Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization (RIS3), Vilnius, Lithuania




The first transnational peer review seminar organized by Lithuanian Innovation Centre took place on 20 September 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The subject of the seminar – implementation of regional research & innovation strategies for smart specialization (RIS3).


During the opening session, Lithuania has described its silver economy profile – results from market study research and entrepreneurial discovery process. Current demand volume of services directed at seniors needs, such as continuity of work, mobility, health services, leisure, etc. was presented. Also, barriers to the development of innovative products and services were highlighted.


Denmark has presented the completed market analysis – target group & contributors to the analysis, ecosystem in the region, market for assisted living technology, and results from the interviews.


During the thematic session partners in a single group were discussing and analyzing all three RIS3 implementation issues:


1) Funding schemes and financing mechanism for supporting innovation and smart specialization projects;

2) Models and platforms for joint knowledge management and knowledge transfer;

3) Pilot programs for supporting innovation and smart specialization projects.



Transnational Peer Review Seminar II:

Implementation of the Regional Research & Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization (RIS3), St. Petersburg, Russia




On November 13, the 2nd Transnational Peer Review Seminar took place. The conference was organized as a part of the St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum.


During the first session, Russia and Latvia presented the results of the OSIRIS project in their respected countries. The results included the information on existing development gaps, various ways to solve problems and opportunities for further project implementation.


Second and third sessions were dedicated to existing models and platforms for joint management and knowledge sharing, as well as pilot programs to support innovative projects and Smart Specialization projects. First, Latvia and Russia presented the models and platforms in their countries, and after that group discussions took place. The goal was to analyze the effectiveness of various models and compare the results and approaches used in the participating countries.


In the final session of the seminar, participants discussed existing financing tools to support innovative projects. The purpose of the session was to identify the most effective mechanism for specific industries and enterprise sizes. Participants formed proposals to improve existing financing methods and improve ways of informing entrepreneurs about existing opportunities to raise funds for project implementation.



Transnational Peer Review Seminar III:

Implementation of the Regional Research & Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization (RIS3), Hämeenlinna, Finland




The 3rd Transnational Peer Review Seminar was conducted in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The aim of the event was to conclude the processes discovered during this series of seminars. Project partners from Estonia and Finland provided in-depth information on situation of Silver Economy, also Lithuanian stakeholders presented important information on possibilities of using technical solutions in elder care.


During the workshop session, participants continued to discover the financing schemes of innovation, piloting programs and knowledge transfer platforms existing in the Baltic sea region.


The summary of the workshop can be downloaded here.

The final, conclusive report about the findings will be available on our website here.