Information sessions: Innovation Program

 In Event, Latvia

WP4 GA4.2: Organizing Transnational Innovation Program

18th February 2021

1st Information session of the Smart Silver Lab Innovation Program “Silver Economy: huge potential for business, education and the whole society! Practical cases”



The aim of the Information Session was to inform about and inspire participation to the Innovation Program organized by the Smart Silver Lab of Latvia. The session aimed at informing attendees about the Smart Silver Lab concept in general and Innovation Program in particular, and the details of its’ activities and the application process.


Invited participants from different organizations attended this online meeting. The online form of the meeting made it possible to gather audience from different regions of Latvia.


In the Smart Silver Lab Innovation Program we are looking for authors, inventors and entrepreneurs who have ideas for creating products/services/solutions aimed at improving the lives of seniors in all areas.


A representative of each of the four quadruple helix organizations was invited to share the experience and good examples in developing innovations or working with innovation support. There were inspiring stories from all of the helix representatives. The invited speakers gave an insight to their understanding of Smart Silver Lab in essence, described prospective activities and pointed out the problems that are the ones to be solved in the sector of silver economy. They also noted the importance of cooperation and networking in the field of silver economy and innovation development thereof.


The most important outcome from this Information session became visible a few weeks later in the form of 18 received applications from different innovators describing their ideas and motivation to participate in the Smart Silver Lab Innovation Program. At the end of the meeting everyone was invited to participate with their own ideas and share the invitation to their networks in order to boost companies and individuals with innovation ideas to apply to the Innovation Program.