HAMK Workshop III – Regional Meeting on Knowledge Management Mode in Finland

HAMK Workshop III – Regional Meeting on Knowledge Management Mode was held on 10th September 2020.

The aim of the workshop was to co-develop the preliminary knowledge management model which may support open collaboration between the innovation actors. The basic terms and definitions of knowledge management and open innovation action were presented and discussed. Also, the results of earlier regional workshops were presented and discussed as a basis for teamwork. The participants of the workshop were asked to categorize 331 terms that were defined in the first workshop into four knowledge management pillars; Knowledge discovery and detection, knowledge capture, knowledge acquisition and knowledge creation & sharing.

The workshop gathered nine participants who represented academia, business and elderly people and the related associations. All the participants had roles as regional innovation actors in the smart living environment.

Third regional meeting on knowledge management model helped participants to understand the structure of the knowledge management model in the smart living environment and clarified the key concepts and terms. After the workshop, the participants were able to select the most important terms and to categorize them into four pillars.