2nd Peer review seminar in St. Petersburg 13.11.2019

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The second part of Peer Review seminars will take place in St. Petersburg on the 13th of November. OSIRIS project partners will go thru the Silver Economy situation in Latvia and Russia. The business possibilities, user needs and strategical directions of development.

During the workshop part of the event, project partners will continue handling the three questions as in Vilnius with the the approach of main presenters, Russia and Latvia:

  • Models and platforms for joint knowledge management and knowledge transfer in the innovation process – how data and knowledge are managed by the government at the level of country/region
  • Pilot programs for supporting innovation and smart specialization projects – new technologies, approached and methodologies
  • Funding schemes and Financing mechanism for supporting innovation and smart specialization projects – possible funding scenarios for effective S3 implementation and schemes to combine funding and financing support for research and innovation
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