Workshops: Entrepreneurial Discovery Process

 In Event, Russia

WP2 GA2.2: Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP) for market-driven prioritization of investments in silver economy

26th June & 20th September, 2019


Entrepreneurial Discovery Process workshops on Silver Economy, St. Petersburg





The First strategic workshop was held on the 26th of June 2019 by JSC Technopark of St.Petersburg (Ingria Business Incubator). The event was organized in two parts – open session for all interested in silver economy and closed round-table session with experts.


First session was set to discuss existing possibilities and problems for social entrepreneurship. During this session Technopark has presented to public the OSIRIS project, its goals and expected outcomes. At the same time, during the session were presented two different organizations – the Center for Social Innovations and the “Kind city of St.Petersburg” Charity Fund. After that all participants had a chance to discuss the problems, which have place while doing social-oriented business.


The goal of the first session was to find parties interested in the development of social entrepreneurship (with focus on silver economy), present current possibilities and organizations supporting SMEs, discuss current problems of social entrepreneurs and inform audience about OSIRIS project.





The second session was a closed round table session, during which invited experts shared their views on limitations and prospects for the development of social entrepreneurship. During the session, three projects with a social impact were presented. The issues and challenges facing social entrepreneurs were identified, following by recommendations for improvement and development of this sector. Additionally, during the meeting, some experts shared the best practices of the companies they represent.



FORESIGHT SESSIONS, 20 September 2019



On the 20th of September 2019 JSC Technopark of St.Petersburg (Ingria Business Incubator) has organized two parallel foresight sessions. One was dedicated to the topic “ICT for senior citizens”, the other one to the topic of “Well-being for senior citizens”.


Both sessions were organized in a format of focus group discussions and co-creation workshops. Invited experts discussed the interaction between two important trends in our society ageing of society and technology-induced transformation of everyday life. During their work, the experts discussed the needs of seniors, different periods in their lives, importance of active lifestyle of seniors to society, etc. The experts had to group the needs according to certain age periods and interests/activities/motivations. The final tasks of the sessions were to discuss already existing solutions, try to find trends, propose new possible solutions and niches for doing business and distinguish different threats and strengths.


The results of the sessions were presented as two different multi-level maps on ICT technologies and Well-being projects for senior citizens with information of different age groups, corresponding interests and needs, existing solutions, trends, possible solutions and niches for business, threats and strengths.