Workshops: Entrepreneurial Discovery Process

 In Estonia, Event

WP2 GA2.2: Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP) for market-driven prioritization of investments in silver economy

31st May 2019


Entrepreneurial Discovery Process workshop on Silver Economy, Tallinn



The workshop focused on identifying requirements for elderly people, and also defining needed services. Many interesting ideas emerged.


At the event, entrepreneurs admitted that their interest in elderly people as target group may be very low in certain fields, because of the technical skills and awareness of digital solutions in the target group. Also more tight collaboration with local governments as main service providers for elderly people must be more solid.


The most important findings in these workshops were related to preventive activities. Healthy life-style has not got huge attention. Elderly people has to deal with consequences of not preventing their medical problems by healthy life-style. Using sensors for following medical situation is very rare in the target group.