Workshops: Peer eXchange Learning

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WP2 GA 2.3: Organizing Peer eXchange and Learning (PXL) workshops



PXL Workshop


This deliverable as part of GA 2.3 is prepared on the basis of the Market Analysis, the EDP-workshop and other information that has been acquired from relevant actors in the landscape. Both in the market analysis and at the EDP-workshop, barriers for growth, what promotes growth, attitudes towards technology, and implementation and uptake have been discussed.


The central Denmark Region –that was responsible for the RIS3-strategy until 1/1-2018, focused on competitiveness to increase productivity and exports in the region. The Region wanted to build on their strengths; food, energy, environment, creative industry, ICT, digital growth, and tourism. The central Denmark Region also had some cross cutting priorities: Entrepreneurship, innovation and business development, knowledge and competences, digitalization, and internationalization.


It was found, that the political structure may inhibit innovation as the many rules and procedures limit the options that companies have. Implementation was found to be the main challenge right now. The discussions also touched upon the missing incentive structure for workers in the healthcare sector as an issue that impedes innovation. Management and staff receive no rewards for taking new technology into use – quite the contrary, as they experience loss of money and more work. The participants’ suggestions for solutions focused particularly on citizen involvement, structural changes, cultural changes and implementation.