Workshops: Silver Financing Mechanism

 In Event, Lithuania

WP5 GA5.1: Developing Silver Financing Mechanism

17th July 2020


Workshop on “Developing the silver financing mechanism”


Osiris Project

Osiris Project

JSC „IAMUS innovations“ is implementing Work Package 5, GA 5.1 – DEVELOPING THE SILVER FINANCING MECHANISM that aims to run a complex analysis over the available fund mechanisms, over the shortages between supply and demand of finance over the matching between business needs and existing financial instruments and over the gaps that need to be filled to improve market commercialization of silver innovative products or services.


To achieve the goal JSC „IAMUS innovations“ organized the workshop where difficulties and shortages were identified, and improvement actions were proposed during 6 hours meeting in Klaipeda, Lithuania on 17th of July 2020.


The workshop was attended by representatives from different sectors:

  • private (business angels, companies which are applying for the funding, closely working with innovations, providing financing, preparing applications for the funding, credit unions, banks),
  • public institutions (Ministry of economy and innovation, universities, innovation agencies, digital innovation institute, municipality),
  • non-profit organisations (social support centre, public health centre, a support centre for the elder people).