Dissemination seminar: Smart Silver Framework

 In Denmark, Event

WP3 GA3.5: Communication and Dissemination of Smart Silver Framework

16th March 2021


Validation of Smart Silver Framework in Denmark




The purpose of this workshop was to present, discuss and validate the Smart Silver Framework (SSF) with external stakeholders in Central Region, Denmark. After testing and validation the SSF will be adjusted and handed over for further development in Smart Silver Hub. In addition to this workshop 8 individual test interviews will be part of the validation of SSF.


The meeting was attended by 2 end users, 2 companies, representatives from 2 municipalities and 6 research institutions.


After a presentation of the Smart Silver Framework, the SSF was discussed and validated through four main questions concerning functionality, effectiveness, satisfaction and other issues. The SSF was received with great interest and curiosity. Participants could see new opportunities and strengths in the idea of ​​a collaboration platform for users, innovators / companies, authorities and researchers. All participants were interested in joining the next workshop aimed at developing the Smart Silver Hub – a cluster structure in Central Region, Denmark.