Seminars: Smart Silver Labs Establishment

 In Event, Russia

WP4 GA4.1: Deployment of Smart Silver Labs

24th February & 14th May 2021


Seminar 1: Validation of the Regional Smart Silver Framework and Establishment of Smart Silver Lab, Technopark of St. Petersburg



The aim of the meeting was to introduce the regional Smart Silver Framework (its structure and content) developed under WP3, discuss its use and agree on its sufficiency as a working framework for the deployment of Smart Silver Lab.


Eleven panel members participated in the meeting (including two representatives of the OSIRIS team). The list of invited guests included the representatives of the government authorities, universities, business and business support structures. Also, some of the guests were of the silver age themselves, thus also taking on the role of the OSIRIS key target audience.


During the seminar, the members discussed the structure of the Smart Silver Framework and how it can be further developed and used. As a part of the discussion, the Silver Hub was presented. All guests showed the interest in its development and provided comments on some additional sectors to be considered.


Most panel members showed the interest in participation in the future meetings and receiving any additional information.



Seminar 2: Functionalities of the Regional Smart Silver Lab, Technopark of St. Petersburg



On May 14, 2021 JSC “Technopark of St. Petersburg” organized the 2nd information seminar on Smart Silver Lab (SSL). The purpose of the session was to familiarize the participants with the developed tools and opportunities within the OSIRIS project.


The discussion was dedicated to the organization of the working group within Smart Silver Lab that will contribute to the construction and development of the ecosystem of the silver economy in St. Petersburg. The agenda included such topics as the goals and tasks for the SSL, distribution of the roles within, possible activities to hold within and after OSIRIS project, channels of communications and other issues.


The round table was held in the format of a focus group with the participation of representatives of the research community, experts from organizations of infrastructure support, as well as representatives of industry and business involved in the creation of products and services focused on the older generation. The event was attended by six invited guests.


Within the meeting, the participants provided their opinions on the further SSL development, how the SSL structure can be improved and how they see their possible involvement in the created working group.