PXL Workshop “Opportunities and problems of senior economics” on 19 September at RTU

On 19 September “Opportunities and problems of senior economics. Experience exchange and mutual learning workshop PXL” (Peer Exchange and Learning workshop) took place at Riga Technical University.

During several sessions led by leading experts following conclusions were drawn:

  • by reducing general poverty in the country, it is possible to increase the activity of seniors and the desire to enter the labour market, as well as to increase of employment opportunities;
  • tax policy and legislation developed by the state must have a positive effect on the employer-employee relationship;
  • it is necessary to fully ensure the elimination of discrimination against seniors both in terms of job offers and in terms of financial security;
  • it is necessary to expand understanding about the importance of knowledge transfer from seniors to the following generations;
  • both at the state level and employers need to provide seniors with additional benefits (transport, etc.) and job security
  • it is necessary to promote the competitiveness of seniors in the labour market by providing further educational opportunities for seniors.
These conclusions drawn in the process will be used in the following activities of the Osiris project and in the creation of Smart Silver Framework to drive innovations in the silver economy.
Focus groups