Meetings: Knowledge Maps

 In Event, Latvia

WP3 GA3.1: Regional maps of silver knowledge management process

10th December, 2019 & 24th January 2020


Expert panel session “Knowledge Mapping”



On December 10, 2019, in Latvia at Riga Technical University, starting the work on the project “OSIRIS”, an expert panel session “Knowledge Mapping” took place. In the introductory session, meeting with 16 experts and project coordinators, the aim was to identify and deepen the set of activities needed to promote the development of the silver economy in Latvia. The participants discussed the method of developing and analyzing strategic opportunities in the context of the SODA OSIRIS BSR project, developed a detailed and in-depth mapping of ideas, as well as the strategy “Smart Silver Laboratory”, which discusses the implementation of the silver economy in an inter-generational context.



Second seminar on supporting the smart specialization, RTU


the smart specialization


On January 24, 2020, the second seminar on supporting the smart specialization approach in the silver economy to increase regional innovation capacity and sustainable growth took place at Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia. The goal of this project phase was to develop the mapping of Silver Knowledge Management Process on a national scale. Continuing the first session, a detailed and structured cognitive map was created, the map includes all factors, responsible bodies, decision-makers, organizations and processes that affect the development of the silver economy in Latvia.