Learning session: Smart Silver Framework

 In Event, Transnational

WP3 GA3.4: Designing Smart Silver Framework

28th April 2021


Final activities within development of Smart Silver Framework (SSF): Validation & Adjustments, Denmark



The aim of the online workshop was to present and discuss the test results from partners’ test and
validation process. In addition, the aim was to agree on which adjustments are necessary in
order to improve the Smart Silver Framework-structure and then hand over the work to the
partners responsible for designing the Smart Silver Hub.


The workshop was internal and 14 persons representing the partners participated in the event.


The test results are analyzed in the categories: Functionality, Efficiency, Satisfaction and
Suggestions for improvements. Every result are now discussed with focus on which adjustments should be integrated in the further work on the Silver Hub. After discussion, a list of recommendations for adjustments are being provided. It is good news that the overall impression of the Smart Silver Framework is that it appears flexible and intuitive, and that it is informative and enables many forms of future collaboration between different actors in Silver Economy. Over the next two weeks, partners
have the opportunity to reflect and suggest minor adjustments to make it as user friendly and
functional as possible.